The concept:

Seeing an image, along with the subject represented, there’s another layer that is the effect of what is evoked or implied as feelings or memories. The “mental image” is a way to express this concept: what is outside of an image.

The structure:

The audio and the video track features contrasts and resonances on a timbral or chromatic level. Various source material as pictures, video, written text, field recordings, samples. This is a way to represent the difference between a real image and a mental one.

The audio:

The audio track is called “a Mental Image of F” and is based upon an idea of a separation between the two stereo channels juxtaposed on a central development as a way to depict the difference between a perceived image and a real one.

The video:

The video is focused upon the dialectic between moving pictures and static ones obtained as long-time exposures to the first cut of the video. So the mental image is depicted as a sort of static image, or a memory, of what was moving.

Video: Adern X (2014)

Audio: Adern X (2014)


This movie is a visual representation of the sound construction principles used in the audio track, as a way to reflect about the relation between images and sound.

Even if the result could be abstract, image, as sound, is not something ephemeral since the film frame transforms what is intended to be seen, or projected, in a physical object that lasts and can be manipulated. So, time acts as an agent of decontextualisation of the recorded subject and as the frame containing the elaborated object. The decontextualisation entails that Words became the punctuation in the overall grammar, as its role became of connection, or support to the elements, if necessary.

The track "Intermezzo" is available on Cinema Show.

Video: Adern X

Audio: Adern X < Tiziano Milani


Adern X add a soundtrack to the commercial made by Peter Kubelka in 1958. This video is the Ausländer prolog: an ongoing project about the possibility that music accepts all the small voices and noises from the outside without aiming to cover them.

Video: Peter Kubelka (1958)

Audio: Adern X (2013)

Headphone or a good subwoofer recommended. Listen at a quiet volume.

A Day in the Life

A short pinhole movie made by Adern X used as visual counterpart for the track A Day in the Life that is featured in the Ink Spots called Words album.

Video: Adern X (2012)

Audio: Adern X (2012)

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